Well we have been pretty busy lately.  We just completed The Goregrowler Ball grand prize.  It started its life as an Ibanez, and is now simply, ‘Goregrowler’!

Brett Roeller, Roeller's Custom Guitars

Goregrowler Ibanez Mod

Its a pretty cool carving I did with the skull and fits the feel of the concert.  We are hoping to get Jesse down there too, but we will see.


We are on the final stretch with Chris Pervelis’s ‘Cuda’ Razor.  I will be assembling it in a couple of days so that is pretty exciting.  The thing is gonna be a beast and will be making its debut at The Goregrowler Ball too, to its pretty exciting to see a couple of our guitars all in the same place.


We also did a shoot ‘Deadly Schoolgirls’, an alternative modeling agency.  We are officially endorcing them and one of their models is about to become our Spoke’s Chick.  So ya we are pretty stoked.    Lots of inquiries into the Blues Devil and ya, things are progressing.

Brett Roeller, Roeller's Custom Guitars

Missy Cae of 'Deadly Schoolgirls'

Brett Roeller, Roeller's Custom Guitars

Dez Hoskins of 'Deadly Schoolgirls"


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