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The base price of all our signature guitars start at: $3000.00 for a 6 string guitar or 4 string Bass, $4000.00 for a 7 string Guitar or 5 string bass, and $6000.00 for an 8 string guitar or 6 string Bass.   Basically, if you are looking for the simplest guitar ever, you can get it for the base price, but if you are looking for something ‘Custom’ as most people are, the price goes up based on inlays, parts, carvings, specs etc.  The current average time for a custom build is 4-6 months.

Contact us for specifics and we can get you an exact quote.   There are so many combinations of parts and hardware that it is too much to think of everything so contact us for specifics.

Base price for Body Mod’s is $1,500.00 to $3000  for an existing guitar, or the price of the new guitar you want plus $1000 to $2000.  This amount is subjective and is based on the amount of time it will take for us to custom carve what you want, so if you want something that will take is 3 months to simply carve, the price will be much higher.    This also does not include parts upgrades which we are happy to do for you.

We are also available for Luthier work if you would like.  Parts upgrade, paint refinish, repairs, and anything else that can go wrong with your guitar.  Let us know whats wrong, and we can get you a quote.

Below is the Order Form we use to help narrow down what you are looking for in a custom guitar.  It is by no means comprehensive, so if there is something you want that is not on the list, check other and then specify what you want and we will make it happen, or we can discuss another option, if what you want is not feasible.

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Brett Roeller, Founder

Jesse Watson, Production and Design

Walt Roeller, Sales and Marketing