Jesse Bio

Born in 1977 and almost immediately introduced to Zeppelin and Sabbath I have been involved and surrounded by music my whole life.  I received my first 3/4 guitar at age 5 and have played off and on for years.  I sold guitars and equipment for 2 years at M.A.R.S. music and learned a lot about gear and craftsmanship of how mainstream guitars are made.  After several high school metal, 70s rock and death metal bands I found my home in Incinerate.  Incinerate is a brutal technical death metal band that I helped create and mold into what it is today.  I started with Incinerate playing guitar and after being unable to find a vocalist i took over the vocal duties as well as playing guitar in the band.  The challenge soon became too daunting as we continued to push our musical abilities but i have never lost my love for the guitar.  I am currently writing and playing guitar for a grind band as a side project to keep my guitar playing alive and well.  I went to school at St. Paul Tech for auto body and wanted to create and restore Hot Rods and Muscle Cars due to the economy and losing my garage in my divorce i was looking for something to continue on with my passion for working with my hands and creating.  Brett said he had a business venture for me to utilize all of my talents and aspirations.  We wanted to create guitars that surpass the materials used in standard store bought guitars, that were like nothing you could purchase at your local music store.  A true playable work of art that would encompass your music through a single image of functional beauty and sound quality… and so Roeller’s Custom Guitars was formed.